Slickr: A screensaver that feeds from flickr photos

Slicker is a great screensaver: Simply install it, enter your flickr username and you will a great slideshow of your (or others’) photos. Makes great use of dual monitor setups, too!


Very impressive Ajax product: Relay Directory Manager

It’s version 0.1 beta but already looks promising. A full scale file&directory manager for the webhost implented in Ajax.


  • drag-n-drop files and folders
  • dynamic loading file structure
  • upload progress bar
  • thumbnail view, including pdf
  • multiple users & accounts


  • PHP version 4+
  • MySQL version 4+
  • Perl 5.8.0 (for upload progress)
  • Apache 2.0

Fjax for Ajax-style web 2.0 development

Interesting concept: Using a small flash library to do all the HTTP stuff for Ajax applications:

“Fjax is the lightweight, cross-browser, rapid-development methodology for Ajax-style web 2.0 development that puts a Flash engine under the hood (not in the presentation layer – read on) to handle realtime XML/HTML content updating.

Fjax enables web 2.0 development, with true, asynchronous (x)HTML content updating without page refreshes. The trick is, it does it with less than 65 lines of code and works in most browsers. It can process multiple streams of data simultaneously, and has an incredibly small footprint (4K!).”

Cool Experimental Desktop Concept: Bumptop

Jens has found this very impressive video of an experimental desktop concept that tries to offer a man-machine interface by mimicing the use of a physical desktop.


Researchers and developers are always trying to reinvent the desktop, taking it in multiple directions more similar to real life, like this BumpTop, or more similar to a Virtual Reality type desktop that you see in the movies.

Watch 7 min video in .MOV, .WMV, YouTube

WebShot: Full Website Screenshot Capturing Utility

This nice command line tool creates a screenshot of a webpage with a simple call:

webshot.exe /url ""

With this call I got a full size screenshot of our homepage in a breeze!


Go to Webshot Homepage

Below are the command line arguments that you can use with this utility.

Argument Description Default Value
/url Website url Required
/out Output image file webshot.jpg
/width Image width Browser width
/height Image height Browser height
/bwidth Browser width Automatically determined
/bheight Browser height Automatically determined
/quality Quality of output image (0-100) 100
/encoder Image encoder (ie. png, gif, jpg, bmp) jpg
/wait Time to wait in ms after page is loaded 0

By default the image width and height are taken from the browser width and
height. And by default the browser width and height are determined

Google’s Picasa adds support for Free Web Albums

The latest version of Picasa now offers the option to upload albums onto the Web – onto Google’s servers. 250 MB of storage are free, more can be bought. All you need is a free Gmail account. Actually I am a but surprised…. What did take them so long to offer this kind of service…?

The Sample Album looks promising and I think this will be a good choice for “small scale” Picasa users 🙂 I personally still prefer

Learn more at

Currently the service is by invitation only, but we can expect public availability soon.

Creating VMWare virtual machines (VMX files) online

One of the limitations of the free VMWARE player is that it can not create new Virtual Machine Files (VMX).

But now there is a website where you can do that online! As soon as you open the VMX file in VMWare Player you can then install the OS of your choice.