WebShot: Full Website Screenshot Capturing Utility

This nice command line tool creates a screenshot of a webpage with a simple call:

webshot.exe /url "http://www.paessler.com/"

With this call I got a full size screenshot of our homepage in a breeze!


Go to Webshot Homepage

Below are the command line arguments that you can use with this utility.

Argument Description Default Value
/url Website url Required
/out Output image file webshot.jpg
/width Image width Browser width
/height Image height Browser height
/bwidth Browser width Automatically determined
/bheight Browser height Automatically determined
/quality Quality of output image (0-100) 100
/encoder Image encoder (ie. png, gif, jpg, bmp) jpg
/wait Time to wait in ms after page is loaded 0

By default the image width and height are taken from the browser width and
height. And by default the browser width and height are determined


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