Autopano Pro: Maybe the best Panorama Stitcher Software yet…?

The French company “kolor” offers a new panorama stitching software that is most impressive.

First of all it uses the stitching algorithms of AutoStitch, which was one of my favorite two stitcher programs. AutoStitch is a free demo for the SIFT algorithm from the University of British Columbia with only a clumsy mini-interface. Now AutoPano Pro adds a nice interface and also automates the process of searching for the panorama parts in a folder.

You simply give it a folder on the disc, AutoPano Pro searches the folder for photos and automatically begins to search for photos that can be stitched into a panorama – without your interaction. Quite impressive!

And you even get HDR panorama stitching on top of that. The program can also stitch panoramas where each single photo was made with different exposure settings…

Have a look at their video-demo (90 seconds, its worth it!).

This is one of the programs that surprised me with a couple of nice ideas during testing!


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