Creating a Bart PE boot CD für Dell Poweredge 2950 Servers with Perc 5/i controller

When I tried to create a boot-CD-ROM (for disaster recovery) with Bart PE for the latest Poweredge 2950 servers from Dell I found that it did not recognize the Perc 5/i RAID controller as well as the network card. After some hours of work I found this solution.

  • Download and install the latest BartPE version (I used V 3110a)
  • Inject the network card drivers into the BartPE environment
    • Download driver for Broadcomm NetXtreme II Family from the DELL website
    • Unzip the driver files and copy only the folder “/broadcom/ris_drivers” folder to the “\pebuilder3110a\drivers\Net folder” (so the two files are stored in “\pebuilder3110a\drivers\Net\RIS_Drivers”)
    • In this folder rename “b06nd.inf” into “b06nd51x.inf” (yes, the .inf file must have the same name as the .sys file in order for BartPE to work)
  • Inject the driver for the Perc 5/I Raid controller
    • Download the driver file “R120960.EXE” from the DELL website
    • Unpack the file and copy the folder “\DELL\drivers\R120960” into your BartPE installation at “\pebuilder3110a\drivers\SCSIAdapter”, so the 11 files are stored in the folder “C:\pebuilder3110a\drivers\SCSIAdapter\R120960”
  • Run PE Builder (Note: for the Windows files I used disk 1 of Windows 2003 Server R2)
  • Burn the ISO file to a CD and walk to your server to test it

That’s it. I finally added the Acronis TrueImage plugin and now I can do a bare-metal recovery for our 2950 servers from a diskimage created by Trueimage…


22 Responses to “Creating a Bart PE boot CD für Dell Poweredge 2950 Servers with Perc 5/i controller”

  1. Jeff Green Says:


    I came across your weblog by using google because I’m
    having problems building a BartPE CD for a DELL 2950.

    I’ve followed your hints but I’m still having problems
    with loading the driver for the PERC5 – I get a message
    saying “percsas.sys not found” when booting with BartPE.
    Checking the CD shows them to be present though.
    Do you have any suggestions ?

    Many Thanks,

  2. Dirk Says:

    Hi Jeff,

    this is the list of files that I have in my disk driver folder:

    Verzeichnis von C:\pebuilder3110a\drivers\SCSIAdapter\Perc 5i DELL Server R120960

    21.09.2006 14:49 .
    21.09.2006 14:49 ..
    24.02.2006 16:03 4.967 120166.txt
    15.03.2006 01:50 454 DriverLanguageMap.xml
    17.02.2006 13:42 330.752 megasas.pdb
    17.02.2006 13:42 17.280 megasas.sys
    17.02.2006 13:42 1.285 nodev.inf
    17.02.2006 13:42 7.530 oemsetup.inf
    15.03.2006 01:35 9.064
    17.02.2006 13:42 289.792 percsas.pdb
    17.02.2006 13:42 18.432 percsas.sys
    08.09.2005 15:30 4.435 txtsetup.oem
    27.03.2006 16:42 684 Version.txt
    11 Datei(en) 684.675 Bytes

  3. Chee Says:

    Hi Dirk,

    You are awesome! It’s good to have someone like save our lives!!! Thanks so much for the information and I am able to using BartPE with Ghost on my new DELL 2950.

    Thanks again.

    Chee, Canada

  4. bruno Says:

    I was not able to get the NIC to work. I get failure to load the n/l.

  5. Ben Says:

    I followed your instructions but am still getting “The file percsas.sys could not be found.” The pile of bad CD-Rs is overflowing in my trash can at this point.

  6. Dyus Says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I got the message “percsas.sys not found” too when using windows XP as source for my Bart PE build. After changing the source to a copy of Server 2003 it worked fine for me.

  7. Dirk Says:

    I also used Win2k3 Server R2 to build my images which worked fine.

  8. Jason Says:

    Hey Dirk, I looked everywhere for this solution! Thanks so much… I had the same issue with a DELL PE 1950.
    I am curious as to what you meant by the Acronis plugin?

  9. ulrick59 Says:


    thanks for this topic


  10. Pete Says:

    Thank you for sharing this….


  11. paul Says:

    I have started with clean bart PE with only these two drivers. I have build PartPE with win 2003. During the boot I get Win XP and the drivers do not work . is that normal? what am I doing wrong?


  12. StamfordRob Says:

    Lifesaver… This worked like a charm.

    Aces ! ! !

  13. Barry Says:

    diskpart doesn’t work when using the the w2k3 i386 folder to create the iso. does anyone have this resolved???

  14. JonG Says:

    OMG thanks, been working on it all day and now it works great!

  15. Luke >> BOFH Says:

    Thanks man, you made my day. new server up and running in no time!

  16. Photo Tricks Says:

    Awesome, everytime I do a complete restore of backups, my Windows 2000 advanced server will not start up (Poweredge 2900) as I have to go and edit the boot.ini file to point to my right partition. In the past I ahve always had 2 partions so i could install another copy of win2kas (on partition 2) so I could edit this boot.ini (what a pain in the arse).

    Now I should be able to edit that boot.ini with a live CD that will read my SAS (serial attached SCSI) hard drives and save me an hour or more!


  17. Ivan Says:

    I tried to use the Perc 5/I Raid driver for my Dell PE 2950III, but when I start the windows 2000 installer I press F6 I found the driver and the windows start to copy the files but next it says that windows cannot find any hard disk.

    I have 2 hard disk of 1 tera each one, they are in mirror 1

    anyone have the same problem?

  18. Jeff Says:

    Worked great for our PowerEdge 2900 PERC 5/i…. thanks. Saved a rebuild.

  19. Joey Says:

    I am not able to get the network started. any idea? It says cannot install network adapters.

  20. Securely Wiping Hard Disk Drives on Dell PowerEdge Servers with BartPE and Kill Disk (Revision: Latest) « | Sys Admin Extraordinaire | Says:

    […] the “percsas.sys not found” error when booting with BartPE. Searching for that error led me to… where someone mentioned using Windows Server 2003 to build the disc. I didn’t even know that […]

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