Converting physical to virtual systems with VMWare Converter 3.0

Converting an (old) physical system into a VMWare image in order to move legacy systems from physical boxes into virtual computing can be an ugly process. Especially Windows is not very cooperative when the system hardware is changed totally.

Now VMWare Converter 3.0 comes to the rescue. It’s still in beta and it’s free for download. Sources say that it will stay freeware even after officiel release.

VMware says:

Using a snapshot based cloning mechanism that is extremely fast and reliable, VMware Converter enables remote conversions without disrupting the source server during the conversion process.

Haven’t tried it yet myself, but this is something we have waited for!


2 Responses to “Converting physical to virtual systems with VMWare Converter 3.0”

  1. VM Converter Beta now available for public download « Hotware: Dirk’s Software Blog Says:

    […] VMWare is now offering a free beta download of it’s VM Converter software (see my previous post for details). […]

  2. supaswat Says:

    I have problem on dell power EDG when boot cd vmware 4.0 converting Server to 99 % vmware fail
    Error “unknow Error returned by v center converter Agent”
    when boot os on ESX 4.0 update 1 windows 2003 sp2 is dump
    please support me

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