Managing many Remote Desktop connections

Like most busy system administrators in medium sized Windows server environments I usually connect to at least 5 to 10 servers on an average day using remote desktop. Today I found a small tiny tool called “RDP Manager” that helps to open these connections quicker – and without typing those server names over and over again.

After downloading the files for RDP Manager simply unzip it into a new folder and edit the XML file with your servers’ data. This is the default content of the file:


Simply edit the group names (“Server Group 1”, “Server Group 2”) and edit the server machine names and display names for your liking. To create additional groups copy an existing group and edit its name and servers.

Now start the program (and put it into your autostart folder) and you will find a small icon in the taskbar. With a right click you will get a menu of the servers and you can start a remote desktop session to any of them with one mouseclick.


Note: If you make changes to the XML file later use the menu item “Reload XML” to refresh the menu entries.

RDP Manager was created by Dana Hanna.


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