Three Options for expanding a VMWare DiskImage

Some time ago we created a virtual machine with Windows XP that had a 4 GB C: drive (system) and 8 GB D: drive (data). With all those service packs and automatic updates a 4 GB drive for the Windows system is too small as we all know now.

I see three options to get around the problem:

Option 1:

Create a third virtual drive inside the VM (e.g. 10 GB) and extend the C: partition onto the second drive. To do this you must move the page file from C: to D: (you can’t have the pagefile on an extended disk).

Option 2:

Use VMWare Converter to create a clone of your system and increase disk size during this process.

Option 3:

Resize a VMWare Disk Image using VMWare’s built in tools and this GUI, then use an ISO image of the GPartEd Live CD to resize the partition.


One Response to “Three Options for expanding a VMWare DiskImage”

  1. David Klein Says:

    Thanks for this tip Dirk – our Sharepoint 2007 image is struggling for space so this is a life saver. You would think that VMware Server would offer this ability just like the VMWare Workstation/ESX Disk Management tools. I suppose there has to be some reason to move to ESX!
    David Klein

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