Crashplan: Another Remote online backup? No, they offer backup to your own PCs, too!

I have already mentioned Remote Backup tools here (Mozy and GMail Space, is another expensive sample) that store a copy of the files on your local PC onto remote backup space in order to store them securely at another site.

For a monthly fee all these services offer storage of your files on their servers in their datacenter. Wherever that is. And however secure that is.

Crashplan offers another interesting alternative: You can run their software on two of YOUR PCs and backup the data from one PC (e.g. in the office) to the other one (e.g. at home or another office). The crashplan software manages the connection between the two and secures the data through encryption.

Up to now you would have to purchase expensive software (e.g. we use NovaNet Web Backup for Paessler AG’s remote backups) to do something like this.

For the simpler service Crashplan charges you a one time license fee $20 for each computer that you install the software on (and then back up). And some $60 for the Pro License with more features (Compare)…

Oh, and BTW (this one is for Bernd 🙂 ): You can even backup between PCs, Macs and Linux boxes!


7 Responses to “Crashplan: Another Remote online backup? No, they offer backup to your own PCs, too!”

  1. Bernd Says:

    Why should I want to backup to/from PCs :-)) For the rest there is of course rsync, which does my backups from office to home. And as you already expected: OS-X comes with rsync on board. No extra costs.

  2. Dirk Says:

    Well, I know how long it took you to get this “rsync” nightmare working between home and office. With Crashplan it took me 5 minutes to set up my remote backup (and no fiddling with the firewall, NAT etc.)!

  3. Bernd Says:

    You’re right. Somebody out there should write a proper GUI for rsync. RsyncX was not very helpful. So I had to do some shell scripting myself. :-((

  4. Matthew Dornquast Says:

    I love rsync, it’s amazing. Comparing CrashPlan to rsync is like comparing a PC to an ipod. They’re different beasts solving different problems? Sure they both have cpus, ram, screens, and drives, but you get my point..

    A few differences:
    1)bandwidth throttling built in
    2)dynamic dns built in
    3)nat traversal built in
    4)uses less bandwidth than rsync
    5)encrypts at source machine so target has NO access to your private data.
    6)Built in versioning
    7)Cross platform support of meta data. (try rsyncing your mac file to windows and see how it looks on windows)
    8)IO scheduling depending on use of machine. (i.e. drive access is slowed down when you’re at your computer so as to not interfere)
    9)automatic resume on disconnect.
    10)real time – we backup within minutes of a change in real time, incrementally, WITHOUT rescanning your entire backup tree.. try that with rsync.

    .. I could go on, but you get the idea! For $20, I think you’ll find your time is far better spent using us than trying to repeat the above using rsync.

  5. Dirk Says:

    Matthew in a shameless act of self promotion. But I would have to agree 😉

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