A nice collection of TEXTAREA-replacement HTML Editors

For a project we are looking for a free Javascript library, that replaces TEXTAREA tags with an HTML WYSIWYG editor. Here are some of my findings:

  1. OpenWYSIWYG 1.0: Licensed under LGPL. Loads considerable fast. Only one line of Javascript to replace existing TEXTAREAs. My current number 1
  2. FCKeditor: Used in many commercial projects. Loads a little slower. More features that the forementioned. LGPL and Mozilla MPL.
  3. TinyMCE: Again, loads even slower than FCKeditor but also has more features, good icons and design. LGPL. Too heavy for our project.
  4. Kupu: Feature heavy and too huge for our project. Targeted at CMS systems.
  5. eArea: As simple as it can get. Only supports bold/italic/left/right/centered.
  6. xinha: Meant to be an online HTML editor (much more than a TEXTAREA replacement). To heavy for our project.

[Edit June 1st 2007]

I found another control which is even more basic than OpenWYSIWYG and doesn’t even have a name yet…


Mark Russinovich: “Inside Windows Vista User Account Control”

Mark Russinovich, the man behind the indispensable Sysinternals Tools (recently bought by Microsoft) published a
good article about Vista’s User Account Control (UAC) on the TechNet website.


UAC is meant to enable users to run with standard user rights, as opposed to administrative rights. Administrative rights give users the ability to read and modify any part of the operating system, including the code and data of other users—and even Windows® itself. Without administrative rights users cannot accidentally (or deliberately) modify system settings, malware can’t alter system security settings or disable antivirus software, and users can’t compromise the sensitive information of other users on shared computers. Running with standard user rights can therefore reduce urgent help desk calls in corporate environments, mitigate the impact of malware, keep home computers running more smoothly, and protect sensitive data on shared computers.

The Freelancer’s Toolset: 100 Web Apps for Everything You Will Possibly Need

Here is a nice list of Web Apps that may help you with your business on the Web…

Replace Windows Explorer with Xplorer2

From geek to live:

Let’s face it: for advanced file manipulation, Windows File Explorer stinks. But like Firefox is a must-have replacement for Internet Explorer, a file manager called Xplorer2 blows Windows Explorer out of the water for anyone who browses multiple folders, copies, pastes, moves and searches the PC filesystem frequently.

Using Xplorer2’s tabbed, dual pane interface, keyboard shortcuts and killer advanced features, you’re in total control of your PC’s files. Let’s take a look.


Wanna try Linux/Ubuntu? Try Wubi – Installs Ubuntu into a file on your Windows system

Wubi is an unofficial Ubuntu installer for Windows users that will bring you into the Linux world with a few clicks. Wubi allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu as any other application. If you heard about Linux and Ubuntu, if you wanted to try them but you were afraid, this is for you.

How does Wubi work?Wubi adds an entry to the Windows boot menu which allows you to run Linux. Ubuntu is installed within a file in the windows file system (c:\wubi\harddisks\ubuntu.hd), this file is seen by Linux as a real hard disk.

Is this running Ubuntu within a virtual environment or something similar?No. This is a real installation, the only difference is that Ubuntu is installed within a file as opposed to being installed within its own partition. Thus we spare you the trouble to create a free partition for Ubuntu. And we spare you the trouble to have to burn a CD-Rom.

Another Amazing Web 2.0 Website: Use Jumpcut to create Slideshows and edit video online!

At JumpCut you can upload photos, audio and video and compile them online into movies and presentations. An amazing user interface!

See two demo movies I have created in a few minutes.

Nice set of domain related online tools