Read RSS feeds as folders in Outlook

Thanks to Dave for pointing me to maybe a even better solution for my RSS-antipathy. NewsGator imports RSS feeds into folders in Outlook and you can track and manage all of your RSS content within the application.


With NewsGator Inbox, you can get all your news and information delivered right to your Microsoft Outlook® folders. Forget about all those hours spent searching the web for information. Now you can read your news and information whenever you want. You don’t even have to be online.


Blastfeed: If you also dislike RSS readers and prefer a daily email digest of RSS postings

Earlier I tried a “send-me-RSS-entries-via-email-daily” service but had to look for something else (It was Feedmailer, but the people running it can’t get it to work…).

Now I found Blastfeed and it looks promising. The concept is easy:

  • You select the RSS feeds to be monitored
  • You can define filters for the content of the RSS feeds
  • You can arrange the feeds into “channels” (=one or more emails a day)
  • You get the results via email, IM or RSS (as it happens or once a day)

Jaw-dropping Photosynth demo

Using photos of oft-snapped subjects (like Notre Dame) scraped from around the Web, Photosynth (based on Seadragon technology) creates breathtaking multidimensional spaces with zoom and navigation features that outstrip all expectation. Its architect, Blaise Aguera y Arcas, shows it off in this standing-ovation demo.

See the demo!

JavaScript Charts v1.0 Released

In April I already mentioned Emprise JavaScript Charts (EJSChart). Now the V1.0 release is here. It is a pure JavaScript charting library which utilizes the element and VML to provide cross-browser compatible, interactive Web 2.0 charts.

EJSChart takes web charting to a new level by incorporating such features as automatic axis scaling, zooming, scrolling, smart ticks and Ajax-driven data loading.

This is IMHO an exciting new technology…

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Free quick trademarkscan

To check whether a name or trademark is protected in 18 countries you can use this check

TweakUAC: Quickly turn Vista’s UAC on or off (or operate quietly)

TweakUAC is a free software tool that you can use to quickly turn UAC (User Account Control of Windows Vista) on or off, or to make UAC operate in the quiet mode:


BeInSync: Another Online Backup and File Sync competitor

BeInSync offers you the complete freedom to manage your digital content. Use BeInSync to easily stay connected and always in sync with colleagues, friends, your remote computers and files.

  • Sync your files across your home, office and notebook computers
  • Share your photos, videos, music and files with colleagues, family and friends
  • Access your files on the road from any Web browser
  • Backup and protect all of your valuable data – automatically

One Gigabyte of backup space (in Amazin S3) is included with the free account!