How to specify the font for your signature in Outlook – Even for replies

If you use Outlook as your email client and you reply to an HTML mail you usually get your message footer in “Times New Roman” font – regardless of what your settings in Outlook are.

For example, if you have chosen Arial as your common font for all correspondence (see fig.1), the signature text will appear in Times New Roman (Microsoft’s preferred default font).

Fig.1 – Font settings for Outlook correpondence

The odd thing is that this issue stems from a setting in Word (!), even though Word as email editor is turned off:

Fig.2 – Word email editing turned off

What one needs to do, in such instances, is edit the relevant setting in Word. The setting can be found under Extras -> Options -> General. On the bottom right you will notice a button entitled “E-Mail Options”. If you click on this button, you will open a dialog that contains a tab for email signatures. If you click on this tab you will be able to select your Outlook signatures and edit them:

Fig.2 – This is what you need to do! Select all and choose the desired font

All you need to do is select the entire text, change the font type and size, and then click “OK”. This setting is automatically forwarded to Outlook. From now on the signature attached to your emails should appear in the proper font and size.

(Thanks for Patrick from the great Paessler Support Team for figuring this out).

Note: This has been tested with Word 2003 and Outlook 2003


One Response to “How to specify the font for your signature in Outlook – Even for replies”

  1. marc Says:

    Thank you for the tip!
    You have just saved my day :o] (3 hours lost because this wired Outlook/Word thing)


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