The Amazing Instant ASCII Cam

The Amazing Instant Ascii Cam turns the live image from your webcam into ASCII art… File under “Funny but Useless Gags for Geeks” 🙂

The Amazing Instant ASCII Cam


Noiseware Community Edition – Noise Reduction Freeware

Unite Windows and Linux With a Single Mouse Click

Unite Windows and Linux With a Single Mouse Click

How to run Windows and a Linux distribution together on the same computer (with a single monitor, keyboard and mouse and no other magic tricks required). The idea is to obtain a single desktop with two completely different operating systems: Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux!

SeamlessRDP – Seamless Windows Support for rdesktop

SeamlessRDP – Seamless Windows Support for rdesktop. Cendio is very excited to announce another contribution to the Open Source Community: SeamlessRDP, a seamless windows implementation for rdesktop. SeamlessRDP makes it possible to run individual applications rather than a full desktop. In this mode, rdesktop creates a X11 window for each window on the server side. The remote applications can be moved, resized and restacked.

Running Windows and Linux concurrently – without Virtualization! is a complete Ubuntu Linux system running seamlessly in Windows 2000 based systems (2000, XP, 2003, Vista [32-bit only]). This project was started for Dynamism for the GP2X community, but its userbase far exceeds its original design. andLinux is free and will remain so, but donations are greatly needed.

andLinux uses CoLinux as its core which is confusing for many people. CoLinux is a port of the Linux kernel to Windows.


MyVox API:
With MyVox, you can voice-enable any application you can imagine. MyVox turns any phone into a microphone hooked up to your application.

jQuery 1.2 Cheat Sheet

jQuery 1.2 Cheat Sheet, nice PDF for jQuery programmers