Making the Web faster: Yahoos Latest Performance Breakthroughs

Stoyan Stefanov made an appearance last week at the PHP Quebec Conference in Montreal. His session debuts Yahoo’s latest research results and performance breakthroughs. He covers the existing 14 rules, plus 20 new rules for faster web pages. We’ve categorized the optimizations into: server, content, cookie, JavaScript, CSS, images, and mobile.

Yahoos Latest Performance Breakthroughs Yahoo Developer Network blog


DejaClick ULR Recorder and Replayer (for Firefox)

DejaClick is a web recorder and free bookmark for Firefox. Install it, and in seconds you can bookmark a multi-step recording. Then with one mouseclick you can replay the complete session.

Great for

  • Tedious logins into websites with email, community etc. accounts
  • Software testing: record browser activity and replay it again and again

DéjàClick features include:

  • One-button recording and bookmarking
  • Toolbar with full record/replay controls
  • Sidebar with replay results and property editing
  • Statusbar with record/replay status information
  • Action and Event keyword validation

Download from

Selenium IDE: Record and Replay Web Browser Interaction

Selenium IDE is an integrated development environment for Selenium tests. It is implemented as a Firefox extension, and allows you to record, edit, and debug tests.

How to: Create a Linux Box for Your Mom 50+ Resources

“By setting your mom up on a Linux machine, you can give her a safe, lean computing experience that will let her do all of the things she wants to do without giving you a nervous breakdown. Here, we’ve compiled over 50 of the best resources to help you get your mom on Linux without a whole lot of trouble.”

Virtual Hosting Blog » How to: Create a Linux Box for Your Mom 50+ Resources

UltraDefrag – Free Open Source Disk Defragmenter for Windows

UltraDefrag is powerful Open Source defragmentation tool for Windows NT. The design of UltraDefrag is very simple. There are no skins, localization, or animations. It is a small and powerful program! It can be used on Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003,Windows Vista and all of the 64-bit editions of Windows.

The Ultimate Windows XP Optimization Tweak Guide

The Ultimate Windows XP Optimization Tweak Guide is one of the most complete Windows XP Tweak guides on the net. This guide will show you how to do everything from disabling startup programs to defragging your page file in order to get the most performance out of your Windows XP machine.

New Google “Static-Maps API”: Google Maps Without the Scripting

Google Static Maps API creates map images on the fly via simple requests to the Static Maps service with HTTP requests. No JavaScript, no overhead. Just create a special URL as the src attribute within an <img /> tag and let the Static Maps service create your image.

An introduction in the Google Maps API Blog: Official Google Maps API Blog: Google Maps Without the Scripting

Full documentation on constructing maps with the Static Maps API is available at:

Here is a sample map (Paessler AG Office)

Office Map