Google Chrome – A Fresh New Approach to Surfing

Today Google has released the first beta version of their own new web browser “Google Chrome” (currently for Windows only). It seems to be a cross-over of Safari (is uses the Webkit rendering engine) and Firefox (some code is shared with Mozilla) plus a new-developed super-fast  Javascript engine.

My first tests with Chrome showed that it is already on an impressive level, I found only 2 pages that did not render correctly (compared to Firefox 2/3 and IE7).

For PRTG Network Monitor we make heavy use of context menus, something that works fine on FF and IE, but Apple Safari and Opera do not support it. Chrome passes this test perfectly. Also all Javascript functionalities (and we make heavy use of JS and AJAX in PRTG 7) works perfectly.

Judging with just a subjective eye (I did not do measurements) I would say that Chrome’s javascript functions are much faster than IE7’s and still at least as fast as <a href=>Firefox 3.01 Beta</a> with the new JIT compiler enabled, actually it feels faster.

Google wants this browser to be the perfect engine for AJAX driven applications (it even includes Google”s Gears engine for offline apps). The result of my first look would is that Google has already gotten quite far on this trip!


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