How to hibernate/shutdown/restart Windows XP via Remote Desktop

When controlling a computer with Windows XP via Remote Desktop I often had the problem that there only were “disconnect” and “Log off” links in the start menu. No way to restart, hibernate or shut down the computer…. Hm…

I have found tricks using psshutdown of the Sysinternals Tools or even VBScripts on the web (e.g. look at the top 10 of remote shutdown options), but there is one simple and elegant solution!

This trick does it well:

  • Click the Task Bar or the desktop
  • Press “ALT-F4” (which actually says you want to close Windows Explorer)
  • Choose “hibernate” or “restart” or “shutdown” from the popup

7 Responses to “How to hibernate/shutdown/restart Windows XP via Remote Desktop”

  1. Humberto Says:

    I suggest you use the following very useful program

    Good luck!

  2. Richard Says:

    Thanks for a very useful hint – I’d always used the command line and the shutdown command previously – but this is much quicker.

  3. Michael Says:

    Thanks for a great hint. Save me time

  4. Gabriel Says:

    Great hint, really it’s very good informtion for me

  5. Rajesh Says:

    This is a wonderful trick… this thing is bugging me since many weeks….

    Simple trick but works gr8..

    Hats off to you

    Many Thanks,

  6. stuartcw Says:

    Thanks for posting this. I had to shutdown my machine before a building power off but I was surprised to find that it had no shutdown option when I logged in by remote desktop. Also, the command line shutdown command required administrator access. Your tip saved my PC from being on when the power was cut.

  7. Peelo Says:

    You should try shutdown /h to start hibernation

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