Some more cloud computing links

Cloud computing is getting more and more attractive and we also work with this stuff anf follow the development. Here are a few more URLs I came across recently:

Interesting fact: GoGrid accounced that over 2/3’s of GoGrid’s cloud servers deployed are running Windows.

Rackspace has restructured and enhanced cloud offerings now:

  • Cloud Sites: more or less a rebrand of their Mosso offering (cloud web hosting, similar to google apps, I’d say)
  • Cloud Files: A mixture of CDN and S3 (you can save files into it and a global network with edge servers enables quick retrieval worldwide). They work together with the CDN company Limelight Networks.
  • Cloud Servers: Rackspace enters the low-cost VPS hosting arena (Linux only yet). Similar features here compared to EC2 and GoGrid.

Very nice also: GoGrid’s CEO about Ten Cloud Computing Predictions for 2009.

Oh, and UK-based cloud provider ElasticHosts Ltd. (I had mentioned them here) has switched from “announcement” to “beta test” mode. You can order and run servers, but you have to install the OS yourself, even bring your own installation ISA. No preconfigured images yet. And no Windows.


2 Responses to “Some more cloud computing links”

  1. Michael Sheehan Says:

    Thanks for the mention! Just a quick point of clarification, GoGrid’s CEO is John Keagy. The 10 Predictions post that you mentioned was written by me (I’m the Technology Evangelist). I’m sure that John has some predictions of his own though.


  2. Dirk Says:


    thanks for correcting me. It was not my intention to virtually promote you here 🙂


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