Get a Wide-Angle-Lens on your iPhone for $2 with AutoStitch

AutoStitch iPhone takes two (or more) photos from your iphone and creates an auto-stitched panorama in minutes – all within your iPhone! It can even work with multiple rows of photos!

Step 1: Select photos
Foto 4

Step 2: Calculate Panorama

Step 3: Review Panorama

Step 4: Finished Result (click to zoom in)
Foto 3

Here is another sample created with the iPhone:

Rosengarten, Dolomites, Italy (iPhone Panorama)
Full Size (1584×1000 pixels)

As a comparison, taken from the same spot: A multi row HDR panorama (80 images, 5 exposure settings per photo) taken at the same location using a Nikon D700

Rosengarten, Dolomites, Italy
Full Size (2000×1175 pixels)


Denoise My Image – Noice Removal

DenoiseMyImage is a freeware/shareware that can remove digital noise from your photos.

DenoiseMyImage employs modified NonLocalMeans algorithm (from Buades, Coll, Morel), that is state-of-art in removing digital noise from photos. Our algoritm is more than 50 times faster original one and preserves its advantages. Neither waveletet denoising (i.e. BayesShrink) nor anisotropic diffusion have same or better results.

via Denoise My Image – Description – ADP Tools.

SmillaEnlarger resizes photos well above 100%

SmillaEnlarger has optimized algorythms to avoid ugly artifacts when resizing photos more than 100%.

40 Free and Useful GUI Icon Sets for Web Designers | Icons

40 Free and Useful GUI Icon Sets for Web Designers

via 40 Free and Useful GUI Icon Sets for Web Designers | Icons.

Text Rotation with CSS

Text Rotation with CSS is explained here.