Open Web Tools Directory

Open Web Tools Directory, a Mozilla Labs experiment to catalog the expansive universe of tools related to creating web applications based on open standards.


Hammerhead – measuring the load time of web pages

Hammerhead adds a tab to Firebug for measuring the load time of web pages. Hammerhead adds an icon to the Firefox statusbar. Next to the icon is shown the current page’s load time. Right-clicking on the icon displays a menu from which you can quickly clear both caches (disk & memory), or just the memory cache.

and much more

Where can one find free software icons / images? – Stack Overflow

A good overview at

Some jQuery Links

jQuery Tools => collection of important user-interface components

jQuery BlockUI => great collection of modal dialogs

js-hotkeys => traps for key shortcuts. Captures EVERY key on the keyboard. Awesome.

SimpleModal => Simple modal dialogs (e.g. for alert and prompt)

Growl =>Nice self fading info boxes

Swebapps | The easy way to build your own app

What if there was a platform that allowed you to easily create your own iPhone app with a few clicks of a button and fraction of the cost? SwebApps launched last week specifically to fulfill this need.