Shape Collage – Free Automatic Photo Collage Maker

Shape Collage creates nice collages “with shape”:


Choose your fastest DNS server with namebench

NameBench runs thousands of DNS queries from your local computer to a selection of public DNS servers plus your normal default DNS servers. Afterwards it displays which DNS server was the fastest of the bunch (it uses domain names from your browser history as test cases).

namebench – Project Hosting on Google Code.

Try Android 2.1 on Windows

Free SSL Certificates from StartSSL

The StartSSL™ Free (Class 1) certificates are domain or email validated and mostly referred to as the free certificates. Because the checks are performed mostly by electronic means, they require only minimal human intervention from our side. The validations are here to make sure, that the subscriber is the owner of the domain name, resp. email account.

StartSSL™ Certificates & Public Key Infrastructure – StartSSL™ Free.

Pagetest – Visual Comparison of page load times for multiple Servers

visit Pagetest ( for two interesting web page speed tools.

Application Monitor – checks running programs and restarts them if necessary

Application Monitor is a program that constantly checks the processes previously chosen by the user, and when it detects that one of those processes has stopped working it will start it again.With Application Monitor you will always be sure that your important processes are running.AppMonitor has been developed keeping in mind all those admin and power users who use programs that must always been running such as webserver, database, mailserver, p2p and that don’t have a built-in restart function.

via Application Monitor – checks running programs.