The Browser Archive: Old Browsers Software for Download

Modern browser always update themselves nowadays. But sometime we need older versions, too….
Here they are:

Advertisements Antivir AD Disabler

Antivir is a free popular antivirus application. Advertisements are shown once the application downloads updates, the user has to close the ad-window by clicking “OK”.
Most people using the free version do not intend to buy an advanced premium version of the application. Even those users are regularly confronted with the advertisements.
Inexperienced users are also often confused and annoyed by the ads.
There is a simple solution for all these problems. Antivir AD Disabler neither modifies files nor registry settings of Antivir.

  • Disable Antivir’s splashscreen
  • Disable Antivir’s update advertisements
  • Disable Antivir’s Webguard reminder

via Antivir AD Disabler.

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