PicasaStarter is a tiny application that gives a solution to a couple of shortcomings of Picasa, the image organisation and editing application by google:


– The database with pictures can’t be shared among different users (not on the same computer, not in a network).


– You cannot choose where to put the database (eg. putting them on a network drive or NAS would be practical).


– You can only use/have one database per user, choosing between multiple databases is not possible.


 This little application offers a convenient solution for those limitations… so you can create any number of picasa databases, put/move the picasa database wherever you like, and share them among multiple users and computers in your local network.

See: PicasaStarter.


One Response to “PicasaStarter”

  1. Dirk Says:

    Another solution is to move the Appdata/local folder, see: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Picasa/thread?tid=3ce6b1599cbc7272&hl=en

    Change the location of Local folder only in Vista]

    1. Go to folder C:\Users\UserName\AppData
    2. Right click on folder “Local” and select Properties
    3. Go to Location Tab. Click on move and select any folder on other drive, for example F:\Users\Local
    4. You will be asked whether to move all the files from the old location to the new location, select Yes
    5. Now your picasa database is moved to F:\Users\Local\Google\Picasa2.

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