25 Free Software Downloads That I Install On Every New PC (2010 Edition)

This year I am again updating and posting my list of software downloads that I install on new PCs. Something I have been to doing every year for some time now… (see my posts from 2009, 2008 and 2007).

1. Internet Stuff

  • Instant Messaging: Trillian for instant messaging and chat

2. Security Stuff

3. File Management and File Viewers

  • View PDFs: Foxit Reader
  • Create PDFs: PrimoPDF Writer
  • Packer/Zip-Tool: jzip
  • Photo Manager: Picasa for photo managing (includes free photo hosting at Google’s Picasa Website)
  • Music Manager: iTunes from Apple – together with an ipod the final solution for MP3
  • View Videos: VLC Media Player and QuickTime Alternative have everything to play MOV video files with the need to install anything from Apple
  • Find large files/Folders on your disk: WinDirStat
  • Explorer Add-On: FolderSize (WinXP only) shows the size of folders in Explorer (i.e. size of all files in each folder including subfolders)

4. System Administration

5. Various Tools


One Response to “25 Free Software Downloads That I Install On Every New PC (2010 Edition)”

  1. Hassan Says:


    Thanks for adding the 2010 list …..however I am wondering why security essential did not not make the list ? open office , google docs, Mozilla thunderbird …..alse for instant messaging there is 2 free really good ones ebuddy , meebo they are worth mentionung. ALSO skype for VOIP …….never the less great list and I look at it every year thanks.

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