Dirk’s online Tips (2006 Edition)


  • Picasa from Google is my favorite photo manager
  • PhotoMeister (which I have cowritten) was my favorite tool before Picasa came out and I still believe PhotoMeister is easier to use than Picasa for PC novices.
  • AutoPano Pro is a great panorama software (Blog Entry)
  • AutoStitch is an amazing tool to create panorama photos (free demo, a little clumsy)
  • Color Control Panel Applet (Power Toy) adds a tool for color profile management to XP’s control panel

Office oriented Programs

  • PrimoPDF Writer creates PDF files for free (tip: If you want non-admin users to be able to create PDFs you must set PrimoPDFs folder “writeable” for “everyone”
  • ADDEX 3 is nice small tool to manage addresses

Desktop and Filemanagement

  • Disable Caps Lock well… disables the annoying Caps Lock key
  • SequoiaView shows all files on your disk with their sizes in a great graphical way – Makes it easy to find those disk space hogs.
  • FolderSize finally adds a feature to Windows Explorer which was always missing: Explorer shows the size of folders
  • Yahoo Widgets (formerly known as Konfabulator) simply gives you a nice set of small desktop apps
  • CursorXP can replace your mouse cursor
  • MultiMon Taskbar adds a taskbar to non-primary monitors for multi-monitor setups
  • XP Powertoys is a toolset for WIndows XP
  • Clear Type Tuner PowerToy helps to configure the ClearType settings (also available online)
  • OODefrag 2000 Free Edition is not available from the developers and is a little bit older than O&O software’s latest version, but it is free and runs on workstations and servers

Homepage related software&sites

Software Development


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