How to sync apps from iTunes into iPhone/iPod/iPad without deleting apps that are already installed

If you just enable “sync apps” in iTunes, the next sync will remove all apps from your iPod, iPad or iPhone that you have installed locally using the AppStore app.

The trick is to download all apps from the device into your itunes installation and then sync afterwards. Connect your device, in the list on the left side in iTunes right click the entry of your device and select transfer purchases. This will transfer all your apps from the iPhone to iTunes. Then just sync as normal and all your apps will be on the phone.

BTW: If you didn’t do this, you could still redownload the apps for free (if you remember all of them 🙂 ).


Kein Bild beim Videostream-Schauen mit T-Home und VLC Player?

Telekom-Kunden, die mit ihrem DSL oder VDSL Zugang “T-Home” gebucht haben, können mit dem VLC Player auch am PC die meisten Videostreams empfangen – sogar in HD!

Neulich klappte das aber auf einem Notebook nicht. VLC Player zeigte zwar an, daß er den ARD HD Stream abspielt, aber es kam kein Bild und kein Ton. Nach einigem Rumsuchen (Ausschluß anderer Probleme wie z.B. nicht-multicast-fähige Netzwerkswitches) stellt sich heraus, daß es an der virtuellen Netzwerkkarte des Cisco VPN Clients lag (ein Tip in einem Forum, daß nicht-deaktiviert, virtuelle Netzwerkkarten zu Problemen führen können).

Erst als ich die virtuelle Netzwerkarte des Cisco VPN Clients in den Netzwerk-Adapter-Settings deaktiviert habe, klappte es mit dem Video schauen auf VLC.

Copy Outlook Email Adresse Autocomplete name list to another computer – Outlook – Microsoft Office

Copy Autocomplete name list to another computer

via Copy Autocomplete name list to another computer – Outlook – Microsoft Office.

Free SSL Certificates from StartSSL

The StartSSL™ Free (Class 1) certificates are domain or email validated and mostly referred to as the free certificates. Because the checks are performed mostly by electronic means, they require only minimal human intervention from our side. The validations are here to make sure, that the subscriber is the owner of the domain name, resp. email account.

StartSSL™ Certificates & Public Key Infrastructure – StartSSL™ Free.

How do I view the contents of an .EML file?

.EML files are emails, usually created by Outlook Express or older versions of Outlook.

If you don’t have one of them installed on your PC simply rename the .EML file into an .MHT file and drag it into an Internet Explorer window to view its contents.

Trouble with Opening CSV Files with Excel? The Comma and Semicolon Issue in Excel due to Regional Settings for Europe

When opening standard CSV files in Excel you may find that Excel did not recognize the fields and simply displays all data in the first column.

The problem is:

  • The standard field delimiters for CSV files are commas:    ,
  • And on American Windows version the comma is set as default for the “List Separator”
  • But on European Windows versions this character is reserved as the Decimal Symbol and the “List Separator” is set by default to the semicolon:   ;

So you have three solutions:

  • Change the CSV file extension to TXT (when you open a TXT file with Excel it will start the text file import wizard where you can choose the delimiter)
  • Replace all “,” with “;” in your CSV file(s)
  • Change your regional and language settings

The last solution is my preferred one. To change regional settings go to Start>Control Panel>Regional and Language Options. Click “Additional Settings”. Enter “.” for Decimal Symbol and “,” for “List Separator”.

Now when you open a CSV file in Excel it will automatically find the data fields and open it appropriately.