Sending large files by email

We have all seen this: You want to send a multi-megabyte file to someone, but most mail accounts and mail servers don’t work with files beyond a few megabytes. But there are some website services that come to the rescue: They enable you to send large files. The solution: You upload the file to the service website and simply mail the download link to the recipient.

My personal favorite is You Send It for its ease of use and speed, but there are also a few other options – here is a (incomplete) selection of these services:

Service Registration Filesize Storage Time Cost
You Send It Optional Up to 100 MB 7 days or 25 downloads Free (ad-supported)
FileFlyer Optional Up to 400 MB unknown Free (ad-supported)
MediaFire Optional unlimited unknown Free (ad-supported)
Megaupload Optional 250 MB until unused for 30 days Free (heavily ad-supported)
esnips required 1 GB per account unlimited Free (ad-supported?)
dropload required 100 MB 7 days Free (ad-supported?)

Of course these services should be used with caution when it comes to privacy and security related files. Anyone who guesses the download URL of your uploaded file can access the file! All services mentioned above don’t offer file security with user accounts of some sort in their free offerings. So for sensitive information it is a good idea to encrypt your file(s), e.g. using WINZIP’s encryption for zip files.


2 Responses to “Sending large files by email”

  1. Brandon Says:

    You can also try palshare
    They allow you to upload complete folders and files and it also zips your files during uploading so the download process is really easy and fast. Seems to work really well.

  2. James Says:

    Another good one is

    Hardly any advertising on the site and the free account allows you to send up to 100mb attachments although this does take a 20 second sign up. Alternatively a few of my colleagues just use the anonymous account when sending files under 25MB.

    I’ve signed up for a premium account as i got a voucher code online. Good service thus far.



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